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Criminologist Thomas Gabor and activist Fred Guttenberg, who lost his 14-year-old daughter Jaime in the 2018 Parkland school shooting, team up to dismantle some of the leading myths on guns and gun violence. Many of these myths have been promoted by the gun lobby to facilitate gun sales and normalize the presence of guns in American society.

Using the most recent research and data, the authors take on beliefs, such as:

1) Gun laws are recent inventions;

2) Homes and schools with guns are safer;

3) The Constitution affords an unlimited right to own a gun; and

4) Guns don’t kill, people do.

The authors dissect the many myths that endanger Americans by keeping the country from adopting effective solutions to gun violence. They also provide guidance as to how misinformation on guns can be tackled.


The book has received some strong endorsements:
American Carnage is an essential read on one of the most important issues of our time.” – Nicole Wallace, host of Deadline White House (MSNBC)

“…changes [to gun laws] have been much harder to enact than popular sentiment would dictate…Tom Gabor and Fred Guttenberg lay out why in this exceptional book, which explains the lies, half truths, and myths propagated by the gun industry…” –Kris Brown, President of Brady, United Against Gun Violence

“…Gabor and Guttenberg’s highly readable and engaging book is a valuable contribution to truth in the otherwise often murky story of America and its guns.” —Robert J. Spitzer, professor emeritus at SUNY Cortland and author of The Gun Dilemma  

“…should be read by everyone who cares about this issue.” – Congressman Eric Swalwell, California’s 15th District  

“What a powerful book! American Carnage is an essential read for anyone seeking to counter fiction with fact in their efforts to reduce gun violence in the United States.” – Cassandra Crifasi, Center for Gun Violence Solutions, Johns Hopkins University  

“This book, one I will go back to many times, gives you every essential tool to become a well-informed member of a club I want you to join: committed citizens lifting their voices for the lifesaving changes to gun laws the vast majority of Americans want.” – Steve Kerr, head coach of the NBA’s Golden State Warriors

“Fred and Tom make a passionate & evidenced-based case for facts to consider when pursuing certain reforms, which I’m sure will spur further passionate debate on this issue…I highly recommend American Carnage.” —Former Congressman Joe Walsh, Illinois’s 8th district  

“Required reading for all who wish to stem the surging tide of gun carnage.” —Caroline Light, director of the undergraduate women, gender, and sexuality studies program at Harvard University

“Skillfully written and engaging, American Carnage lays bare the falsehoods and myths that have been circulated over decades by those most willing to profit from their acceptance and proliferation. This book is a fact-filled roadmap for ‘debunking’ the disinformation which has made gun violence prevention such a complicated issue.” —Donna Wald, president of Grandmothers Against Gun Violence MA  

“This book is clearly written and easy to read. It is packed with well researched, evidence-based facts. The myth-busting in this book provides new information even to long-time supporters of firearm regulation. This is the information that makes us better advocates for the kind of sensible gun laws that will save our children.” —Susan Foley, MD, and Rebecca Cohen, co-leaders of Speaking Up for America/Indivisible

“In American Carnage, Thomas Gabor and Fred Guttenberg masterfully tackle many of the common myths and misperceptions about firearms and gun violence in America. —Jaclyn Schildkraut, PhD, executive director of the Regional Gun Violence Research Consortium, Rockefeller Institute of Government, and national expert on mass shootings

“Tom Gabor and Fred Guttenberg undertake the Herculean task of exposing ‘alternative facts’ in the gun debate for what they really are: half-truths, myths, and, in some instances, outright lies. American Carnage is a seminal work because it lays the groundwork for an open and honest national dialogue on one of the most pressing problems of our time: gun violence.” —Louis Klarevas, research professor at Teachers College, Columbia University, and author of Rampage Nation: Securing America from Mass Shootings