Other Books by the Author

Everybody Does It! Crime by the Public demonstrates that most of us engage in criminal behavior. Criminal behavior is a matter of degree and the book explains why lawbreaking is so widespread. It also tackles the question of how we prevent crime when most people break the law.

Basics of Criminology is an introductory criminology textbook. It discusses the nature and patterns of different categories of crime, explains why crime occurs using biological, psychological and sociological theories, and discusses various crime prevention strategies.

Armed Robbery: Cops, Robbers, and Victims examines the crime of armed robbery. The book discusses trends in robbery, how robberies unfold, the perspectives of armed robbers and their victims, the justice system’s response to robbery, and different approaches to preventing the crime.

The Prediction of Criminal Behavior
examines the science of predicting future criminal behavior. It discusses the dangers, limitations, and ethical dilemmas in predicting criminal conduct, the best predictors of lawbreaking, and statistical methods in prediction.

Preventing Crime consists of an edited compilation of articles on various aspects of crime prevention. Articles include those on crime displacement, public opinion, the role of the media, family violence, gun policy, and the way forward in crime prevention.