CARNAGE Preventing Mass Shootings in America

Thomas Gabor, a criminologist and international consultant, examined 1,000+ mass shootings in America in 2019-2020. His analysis shatters the myth that most mass shootings are random attacks on strangers. While such events dominate the media’s attention, mass shootings usually involve disputes between individuals or groups. A disproportionate number occur in disadvantaged communities of color.

The book offers solutions ranging from tackling persistent poverty, vendetta-like conflicts, and widespread gun carrying to various gun policy reforms. A key message is that mass shootings can only be reduced if both the social and economic conditions that underlie them and easy access to guns by those at risk of violence are addressed.

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CARNAGE has received some strong endorsements:

“…CARNAGE is one of the very best among the host of books published in recent years on this topic…” –– James Alan Fox, Northeastern University.  Author of Extreme Killing: Understanding Serial and Mass Murder

“…a unique contribution to the study of this troubling form of gun violence…a must-read for anyone interested in the topic.” –– Louis Klarevas, Research Professor at Teachers College, Columbia University, and Author of Rampage Nation: Securing America from Mass Shootings.

“…should be on the reading list of anyone looking to better understand mass shootings…and policies to tackle them…” –– Cassandra Crifasi, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

“…CARNAGE gives us a comprehensive overview of the problem of mass shootings and a set of reasonable steps to reduce it. Buy this book, read it, and then send it to an appropriate legislator.”  –– Mark A. Schneider, Professor Emeritus of Sociology, Southern Illinois University

“…A ‘must read’ for anyone who wants to learn about this significant public safety threat and potential policy solutions to prevent it.” –– Ali Rowhani-Rahbar, Bartley Dobb Professor for the Study and Prevention of Violence, University of Washington

“CARNAGE: Preventing Mass Shootings in America, is a meticulously-researched analysis of the different causes of mass shootings in America, the trends in gun violence, and the proven solutions to end this uniquely American carnage.”  –– Barbara Markley, Attorney and founder of the League of Women Voters’ ‘Lock it Up’ gun safety program

 “I loved the book. Tom Gabor’s latest book zeroes in on mass shootings — what they are, where they’re happening and how many of them could be avoided with the right programs and laws.” –– Carol Rescigno, President of Brady Sarasota, United Against Gun Violence

“Outstanding! Remarkably well researched and a highly valuable resource on this critically important topic…” –– David Aretha, Editor of Civil Rights Chronicle