ENOUGH! Solving America’s Gun Violence Crisis

There are 40,000 gun-related deaths each year and nearly one mass shooting every day in the United States. The number of children killed by firearms exceeds the annual deaths of military personnel and police officers. Despite the annual death toll and sobering statistics, how can survivors and other citizens turn fear into action? When is enough finally enough?

There’s evidence that change is coming.
Dr. Thomas Gabor, criminologist, international gun policy consultant, and author of the acclaimed Confronting Gun Violence in America, offers a roadmap of bold solutions that tackle every side of gun violence.

ENOUGH! provides original content on:
• Why we need to create a gun licensing system, ban military-style weapons and enact stricter gun carrying regulations.
• Ways to improve oversight of the gun industry and hold them accountable.
• Why safe storage laws are critical.
• Why it’s critical to repeal laws like Stand Your Ground that enable lethal force.
• What any citizen can do to make a difference.
• A grassroots bill of rights for people who reject a society and so many settings awash in guns.

ENOUGH! is the most up-to-date guide for any change agent, activist, or concerned citizen who seeks a safer world.

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“…should be read by every potential change agent who wants to make our country safe.”—David Hemenway, Director, Harvard Injury Control Research Center

“This brilliantly conceived, tightly written, and thoroughly documented volume should be right at hand for any activist or leader who wants to help reduce gun violence in America.…Gabor’s “Declaration of Rights,” [is] a revolutionary conception…” – Tom Diaz, Attorney, gun policy expert, and author of Tragedy in Aurora: The Culture of Mass Shootings in America

 “…a fantastic new book detailing sensible public policies that we need to reduce gun violence in America. – Stephen Boss, Professor, University of Arkansas, and author of Guns and College Homicide

“This book is outstanding…Every US legislator ought to read this book.”—Jeffrey A. Kasky, Esq., President of Families vs. Assault Rifles PAC and parent of two MSD High School students, including Parkland student leader Cameron Kasky

“This grassroots guide on how to solve America’s gun violence epidemic…should be given to every lawmaker we know.” —Donna Dees-Thomases, Founder, Million Mom March

“…a very well written, succinctly stated guide to educate advocates in the basic facts of gun violence prevention and to provide a roadmap for policy progress in addressing this vexing social problem.” –Stephen Teret, Professor Emeritus, Bloomberg School of Public Health, Johns Hopkins University

“Gabor’s latest is comprehensive and compelling. It offers real solutions and I may start carrying it in my pocket as a reference guide.”—Carol Rescigno, President, Sarasota Chapter, Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence

 “If the 2020 election pushes new gun-control legislation to the fore, Tom Gabor’s book will hopefully help shape the debate.”  – Mike Weisser, 
National gun expert, author, and blogger

This well-written book provides facts about gun violence, potential legislative solutions, as well as excellent recommendations for action on a personal and community level. I recommend you buy this book–and then buy it for all of your
friends. It’s that important.— Barbara Markley, Attorney and Chair of Gun Safety, League of Women Voters, Broward County (FL)

…Dr. Gabor shares his “Declaration of Rights”, reaching back to our founding documents…as well as international law to indicate that all the rights with which we are ostensibly endowed as Americans are threatened by gun violence and by politicians who fail to protect the public they have sworn to serve…it is up to us to immerse ourselves in this important book…”—
Rabbi Barry Silver, former Florida State Representative, legal counsel for victims of gun violence, and founder of the Interfaith Justice League

Students of today are all scared about the gun violence epidemic… Dr Gabor’s new book Enough! is a good source that teens can understand and learn from easily. Dr. Gabor has armed us with the necessary knowledge to face these challenges.– Casey Coutermarsh, High School Student Leader, Spring Hill (TN)